Lakin/Thompson Recipes

Ruth's Fudge

Smoothest, creamiest homemade fudge there is. Ruth made lots of this at Christmas .
  1. 4 Cups White Sugar
  2. 1 Can Evaporated Milk
  3. 1 Cup Margarine
  4. 1 Pint Jar Marshmallow Cream
  5. 2 Cups (12 oz.) Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips
  6. 1 Tsp. Vanilla
  7. 1 Cups Nuts (Optional)
  1. Butter Sides Of 3 Quart Sauce Pan In It Combine: White Sugar , Evaporated Milk and Margarine
  2. (Sir And Bring To Soft Boil (236~)Stirring Constantly)
  3. Remove From Heat And Blend Until Melted The Following:Marshmallow Cream,Chocolate Chips, Vanilla and nuts
  4. Turn Out On Buttered Pan 9 X 13- Until Set
  5. Important: To Keep Fresh And Creamy, Roll Each Piece In Seran-Wrap


"Best tasting fudge on the planet"