Lakin/Thompson Recipes

Ham and Olive Sandwich

Tasty triple deck Ham and Black Olive Sandwich. I don't make them often as they are high in calories, but tastes so good.
  1. White bread slices
  2. Cooked sliced ham
  3. 1 can sliced/chopped black olives
  4. Mayonaise
  5. Pepper
  6. Lettuce
  1. Toast bread
  2. Spread 1st slice of toast with mayo
  3. layer 3 slices of ham and sprinkle with crushed black pepper
  4. Spread 2nd peice of toast with mayo and lay on top of ham.
  5. Top with a generous layer of olives mixed with mayo
  6. Place lettuce wedge on top of olive mixture
  7. Spread 3rd piece of toast with mayo place on top.


serve with chips or as a topping for all of your mexican dishes.